The next RMAQ meeting will be held on Sunday 8th April 2018.

11.30 am Sharp, at the Maritime Museum.

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The Royal Marines Association of Queensland (RMAQ) was first formed as the Queensland Branch, Royal Marines Association in Brisbane on 21st February 1954, by thirteen ex Royal Marines.  They were:

H. Slater; H. Black; R.S. Croucher;  J.A. Cruikshank;  F. Cartwright; W. Clarence;  A.C. Heathcoat;  L. McCandless;  J. Major; H.V. Manel;  G. Patterson;  L. Stevens, and N. Clarke.

 The inaugural meeting was in the Carlton Hotel Brisbane from where began a commitment to provide a harmonious and supportive association, to foster comradeship amongst former Royal Marines settled in Queensland and to maintain contact with ‘Royals’ throughout the world, initially drawing its members from all areas of the state.

 In the late 1980s those members living on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, with the full and financial support of the executive and members, formed a small sub-branch which later became first a branch and then an association in its own right.

 In 1999, the overseas branches of the RMA were declared autonomous associations by the RMA central Committee (UK).  Queensland officially accepted the change in status on 16th February 1999, the first Australasian branch to become autonomous, at which time it adopted the current title.

As per the RMAQ Constitution, the association objectives were clarified.  They are:

        1. To promote and maintain comradeship, fellowship and esprit-de-corps among all Royal Marines and the members of all RMA  Branches and Associations throughout the Commonwealth.

        2. To advise and where possible assist and promote the welfare of RMAQ members; and

        3. To establish and maintain contact with other organisations which concern themselves with the welfare of ex-service personnel.

 In keeping with the spirit of the RMA, in 1999 the RMAQ exchanged charters of twinship with the Plymouth & District Branch.

 Since their humble beginnings, the RMAQ has met at many venues, including the now defunct HMAS Moreton and the Seafarers Mission at Hamilton.

The RMAQ Face Book page for those who dont wish to join but see whats being posted