August 2009

  "Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words." - George Eliot

 A hearty Brisbane ‘Gudday’ to all those who have ‘surfed’ onto our humble website and are now reading our first RMAQ News page.  Hopefully, I will be able to continue to update on a monthly basis and thus keep us all informed of the goings on of the association in our part of the Sunshine State.

As seen, we are kindly hosted by the Queensland Maritime Museum who allow us to use their facilities for our meetings and functions, however, contrary to what some unkind people say, there is no arrangement for our members to be on loan to the museum as exhibits.  Seriously though, anyone who visits our city must put the Queensland Maritime Museum on their list of places to see.  It has many excellent displays and exhibits, which are constantly being updated or expanded.

Be warned, I have now taken up the responsibility of maintaining the website from our previous website manager who now, after doing a magnificent job, is unable to continue due to overwhelming work commitments.  Thank you and good luck Stewart Crichton. I have had some fast and frantic OJT, so please forgive me for any early glitches that may occur until I become more ‘au fait’ with this ‘cyber magic’!

It is often said that there is nothing more influential within a society than the use of the media to raise one’s profile.   How very true in the RMAQ’s case.

Due to our recent appearance on Brisbane’s Channel Nine Extra TV program, visits to our website and then topped off by our larger presence on the ANZAC Day March, it has resulted in a number of new members joining our ranks.  Absolutely brilliant!  I know there are still many more ex ‘Royals’ secreted in Brisbane and surrounding areas and I wish to motivate them to contact us and perhaps join our small but enthusiastic association.

We must thank Sam Russell (PO51822C) for his involvement and many hours of hard work ‘behind the scenes’ in helping us achieve this.  As they say, an association is only as strong as its membership.

During the past few weeks we have given out sixteen membership application forms, which were successfully passed at our May meeting.  Welcome aboard lads and lasses!  A truly pleasing result.

The extra bar patronage and raffles support whilst back at the ‘Shipping Room’ after the ANZAC Day march certainly reflected the increased numbers and their subsequent enjoyment. It was standing room only!  The excellent light lunch prepared by our hard working ladies disappeared in about ten minutes!  We may have to start looking for a larger meeting room.

  Also, If the cheerful atmosphere and bonhomie witnessed during the social get together after the last meeting is anything to go by, helped along of course, by the kind donation of rum by the Weir brothers (thanks lads!) and with the increased numbers, we can now look at more and varied social events during the year.

As the year progresses, we are now turning our thoughts to the upcoming events that need to be planned.  One member has volunteered his place for a ‘Christmas in July’ function.  Yuletide fare seems to be so much more enjoyable when eaten during ‘icers’ weather, in our case, temperatures plummeting to 5 – 10 centigrade overnight!  Well, we can pretend can’t we?  (Wonder if we’ll need a fire?).  Sunday 19th July 2009 has been earmarked and I am sure we will have a good roll up and it will be a delightful day for members and their guests. 

Of course, we must not forget that our corps birthday is on 28th October 2009.  The 25th October has been suggested for our celebratory luncheon.  Although we have had some superb corps birthday luncheons at the Queensland Maritime Museum during past years, due to our increasing membership we may have to consider other venues for this important function.

Once that is over, we will then be looking at organising a Saint Andrews Day function for November.  Not sure I’ll be ready to see Alex (Jock) Crichton (RM24867) in his kilt by then, however, after a few nips, should be okay unless he wishes to do cartwheels in company!

I have also heard that one of our members has volunteered his residence for a 1940s theme night.  When that will be is still subject to debate.  By the living Harry, with all these functions coming up we had better have the Panadol and Alka Seltzer on hand!

To conclude, any RMs coming here on holiday or immigrating to our beautiful city, please give us a call and we’ll arrange for you to meet with us and to look after you.

Your’s Aye!

Alan (Buster) Brown