Membership List

As of the July 2013

First Name
Service Number
Service & Status
E-mail Address
Aspinall Terrance (Terry) RM 21414 Royal Marines
Aspinall Emily . RM Spouse
Ayling 'Ticker'   Royal Marine
Baker Charles (Tom)     Ch/x106727 Royal Marine
Bates       Mavis  . RN Widow .
Bates Julian PO42931V Royal Marine
Bek Norbert RM23902 Royal Marine
Bek Lorraine   RM Spouse
Boulter Christopher   British Army RE
Brown Alan (Buster) RM24864 Royal Marine
Brown  Glenda      . RM Spouse
Burrows James   Royal Navy & RAN
Carr Henry (Ray)   Ply/x112313 Royal Marine
Carr  Michael  . RM Family Member
Cassidy    Albert (Ken)  RM15664 Royal Marine  
Challis Bobbie   RM Family Member  
Challis   Thomas  RMV204613 RMFVR
Clark  John  RM16030 Royal Marine      
Clarke  Jean   . RM Widow .
Collins  Josephine (Jo)     . RM Widow .
Crichton Alexander (Alex)  RM24867 Royal Marine   
Crichton Margaret  . RM Spouse
Cude  Arthur (Tony)   Ch/x5002 Royal Marine 
Cude  Cynthia . RM Spouse
Doran Kel    D101672W Royal Navy
Dyer Rick S120782 Royal Australian Navy  
Eaves   Jack  Ch/x111853 Royal Marine  
Eden  Anthony (Tony) RM17129 Royal Marine
Eden Lena . RM Spouse
Gilbert Charles (Barry) RM 28882 Royal Marine
Hepburn    Eric    Po/x106234 Royal Marine  
Holder  Jillian . RM Spouse
Holder Leslie Chx115952 Royal Marine
Hornby David PO38606R Royal Marine
Hornby Gail W134769R Royal Navy 
Howse Peter
  RM Family
Jefferies David RM13662 Royal Marine  
Kehoe John  RM26559 Royal Marine  
Kelly Douglas  RMV203772 RMFVR
Kelly Margaret (Liz) . RM Spouse
Kiellor Leslie  Ply/x5798 Royal Marine    
Knowles  Audrey . RM Spouse  
Knowles Kevin RM129107 Royal Marine  
Kuiper Kasper   Honorary
Leaney Roy Po/x110850 Royal Marine    
Leaney Betty   RM Spouse  
Lukey Pamela   Family Member
Mawby David PO22828H Royal Marine
McAfee Kay . USMC Widow
Mitchell Graham 24534673 British Army REME
Murray Carole   Family Member
O'Donnell Carol   Family Member
O'Donnell Ian (Bill) PO 37443F Royal Marine
Osborn Nigel   Royal Navy (Chopper)
Pearson William (Bill) . Honorary Chaplin/RAN
Pearson Lorna   Honorary Family
Penn   John RM12684 Royal Marine  
Pray George Ch/x116505 Royal Marine
Rose Edward. (Arnie)  Ply/x106753 Royal Marine  
Russell Roy  Po/x120785  Royal Marine   
Russell Sam P051822C Royal Marine
Ryman Alan Po/x104167 Royal Marine   
Steel George   RM132729 Royal Marine
Steel Geraldine  . RM Spouse
Taylor Frank Po/x117055 Royal Marine  
Tebble Raymond  Po/x4774 Royal Marine
Tomkins John RM20782 Royal Marine
Vaughan Glyn Ch/x4312 Royal Marine    
Weir Alan RE 24288533 British Army RE
Weir David RM23146 Royal Marine
Whitworth    Cleve RM22113 Royal Marine 
Whitworth    Denise . RM Spouse
Wilkinson Dennis C/Kx903076 Royal Navy
Wood Tony 17/21st Lancers Honorary Bugler  
Wood   William (Bill) 23252052 Grenadier Guards  

Life Time Members

Deceased *

C. Taylor *
B. Slater *
W. Clarence *
R. Croucher *
R. Leaney
R. Clements*
W. Webb *
R. White *
P. Collins *
N. Coombs *
T. Challis *
R. Smith *
R. Russell
A. Cude
D. Alexander*
E. Rose
J. Collins
T. Baker
B. Leaney