Remember those who have passed over the bar

It’s been said many times before, that when we join a service the first thing we do is make friends. Good friends somebody who’s always there for you 24 hours a day, and while on active service they are there to watch our backs and help us through the bad times. Sadly for many of us, when we leave the service we lose contact with those who were so close to us. However, it’s the Royal Marine Associations branches around the world that helps bring us back together. Sadly as time goes by and age plays another part in our lives, we once again lose contact with them as they pass on. However they will not and never should be forgotten. It’s with a loving friendship memory, that we remember them all on this page whenever possible. God bless them.

At the Going Down of the Sun

We Will Remember Them

  Agass, Frank RM Po/x3381 Unknown 10th April 2009
  Alexander, Doug RM Po/110710 1st Jan 1924 15th Feb 2012
  Allan, Laurie RM Po/x110681 5th Dec 1923 10th Sept 1994
  Almeroth, Peter RM Po/x118408 13th Aug 1925 25th Sept 2013
  Bangham, David RM RM22655 14th April 1945 Unknown
  Barber, John RN P/FX98921 4th June 1924 Unknown
  Bates, Ted RN P/JX711722 24th May 1927 28th Dec 2008
  Batey, Dick RN D/JX200319 23rd Nov 1906 7th Dec 1933
  Bealing, Alan RN C/JX549337 18th Sept 1923 Unknown
  Begent, Eddie RM Ply/x108580 6th Nov 1924 15th April 2012
  Bennett, Arthur RN O/MX729010 11th Dec 1917 Unknown
  Bertie, Ernie RN C/JX556421 28th June 1926 Unknown
  Betiens, Claud RAN R20723 26th Sept 1914 11th May 2000
  Birch, Eric RM Ch/x104780 17th Dec 1920 Unknown
  Blake, John RN EX5154 18th Feb 1917 25th July 1993
  Bowles, Syd RM Ch/x104286 17th July 1922 Unknown
  Boyd, Ian RM RM14637 25th May 1936 Unknown
  Brandon, Don RM RM17924 5th April 1940 Unknown
  Brown, Dave RN C/SSX948185 24th June 1937 19th Dec 2008
  Brunt, Jim RM Ch/x3632 20th Oct 1918 28th Dec 2001
  Bryant, ted RM Ch/115066 22nd May 1926 Unknown
  Bryson, Eugene RM RM18965 7th Aug 1942 26th April 2009
  Bush, George RM Po/x3846 19th Oct 1921 22nd May 2014
Link Carr, Raymond RM Ly/x112313 21st July 1925 25th July 2017
  Challis, Tom RM RMB/x694 15th April1920 19th June 1998
  Chapman, Bob RM RM11374 28th June 1934 Unknown
Link Church, Daz RM PO42965N 18th April 1962 8th Nov 2011
  Clarence, Bill RM Ch/x2884 29th May 1921 13th May 1992
  Clements, Ray RM Po/x4124 Unknown 1976
  Cline, Hugh RM RM13805 25th Nov 1933 Unknown
  Coe, Bert RMLI Ch/x16301 1st May 1890 Unknown
  Collins, Peter RM Ch/x114372 29th May 1925 30th Nov 2007
  Coombs, Norm RM Po/x105359 21st july 1923 6th June 2007
  Cooper, Barry RM RM15441 11th Jan 1940 Unknown
  Cooper, Eric RN CH903136 19th Mar 1933 15th Oct 1996
  Cox, Reg RM Ch/x113449 11th July 1925 Unknown
  Croucher, Rod RM Ch/x114018 4th Nov 1925 May 2001
Link Cude, Tony RM Ch/x5002 3rd Jan 1930 11th July 2014
Link Dabbs, Cliff RM RM 131066 26th May 2011 26th May 2011
  Davidson, Tom RM RM136794 30th Dec 1935 May 2011
  Dodd, Roy RM EX890T 28th Dec 1918 Unknown
  Druitt, Bill RM Ch/x18679 31st Dec 1897 Unknown
  Drysdale, RM RM129209 10th July 1923 10th Sept 2009
  Dunn, Peter RM Po/x112939 24th Sept 1926 9th Sept 2011
  Dwan, John RM Po/x2464 9th Dec 1919 16th Aug 2007
  Edwards, Bill RN P/QX34732 18th Mar 1919 Unknown
  Farley, Arnold RM RM12211 12th May 1934 7th June 2007
  Fogg, George RM Ply/x113277 4th Jan 1926 14th Aug 1990
  Fountain, Bob RM Ch/x115360 28th July 1925 16th Oct 2012
  Fry, Tom RAF 627163 31st Jan 1919 17th Jan 2007
  Gamner, Derek RN D/MX119556 12th Dec 1922 Unknown
  Gerard, Gene RAN R46200 13th Mar 1934 Unknown
  Good, Ted RM Po/x121131 23rd June 1926 Unknown
  Graham, Keith RM RM19248 27th Sept 1942 9th Oct 2005
  Grainger, Bill RMLI PO 'A Coy'9949 14th Dec 1978 26th Feb 1958
  Greely, Ken RM Po/x5370 27th June 1925 23rd Mar 2011
  Green, Reg RM Ply/x111737 30th Jan 1924 Unknown
  Gunstone, Wilf RM Ply/x100714 27th May 1922 April 1987
  Haggart, George RM Po/x116031 3rd Aug 1923 Unknown
  Harkins. Hugh RM RM99975 2nd Feb 1933 Unknown
  Hawkyard, Mauri RM RMB/x2276 11th Oct 1930 19th Oct 1994
  Heath, Tony RM RM10016 19th April 1932 Unknown
  Higgs, Mark RM Ply/x3144 22nd Sept 1921 Unknown
  Hilton, Charles RN C/JX300331 21st Aug 1921 Unknown
  Hinton, Fred RM Ch/x113585 22nd Nov 1924 Unknown
Link Holder, Lesllie RM Unknown 28th Aug 1927 4th Nov 2015
  Holland, Ron RM Ch/x119075 9th April 1929 4th Nov 2005
  Holmes, Syd RM Ch/x2118 15th Sept 1919 Unknown
  Hooker, Arthur RM Ply/x3942 6th Nov 1922 Unknown
  Hopkins, Ken RM Po/x127032 9th Jan 1928 Unknown
Link Howse, Bob RM Po/x11962 11th Oct 1925 26th June 2013
  Hudson, John RM Ply/x113862 7th July 1925 6th Sept 2011
  Hughes, David RM RM15512 16th Oct 1938 Unknown
  Husted, Fred RM Po/x6592 28th Oct 1929 17th Aug 2000
  Jachson, George RMA 1494 4th Nov 1898 24th July 1998
  Johnson, Leo RM Po/x113959T 23rd April 1921 Unknown
  Jones, Doug RM Po/x2730 9th May 1920 Unknown
  Jones, Trevor RM Ply/x109602 9th May 1925 8th May 2010
  Kennish, Bob RN P/JX725178 21st Dec 1926 22nd Sept 1998
  Kerton, Frank RM Po/x114865 31st Oct 1925 16th Sept 2003
  Langdale, Geoff RM RMA/x1238 Unknown 6th Sept 1989
link Leaney, Roy RM Po/x110850 25th Nov 1924 15 Nov 2016
  Leavesley, Dick RM Ch/x107397 11th July 1924 Unknown
  Lewis, Fred RM Ch/x116797 13th July 1926 8th May 2009
  Longstaff, George RN X19817A 23rd Mar 1919 Unknown
  Loring, Bill RM Ch/x113292 18th Nov 1924 Unknown
  Loudon, George RM Ch/x114971 16th June 1925 Unknown
  Lund, Harry RM Ch/x4781 6th Aug 1920 Unknown
  Machin, Rob RM Ply/x105606 Unknown 12th Sept 1988
  Maclou, Robbie S/A 589899 8th April 1922 23rd Dec 2009
  McAfee, Bob USMC 367882 18th April 1923 1st Mar 2009
  McArthur, Archie RM Po/x776 4th June 1894 1963
  McPake, Mal RM RM8257 4th Sept 1922 3rd Mar 1988
  Maguire, John RM RMB/x1128 21st July 1922 Unknown
  Major, Jack RM Ply/x101253 20th Jan 1921 2nd Nov 1967
  Martin, Eric RM Ch/x975 12th June 1916 Unknown
  Mason, Bob Capt Pl/x100977 1st May 1917 Unknown
  Mathews, Fred RM Ch/x23547 28th Sept 1900 22nd Aug 1987
  Middleditch, Stan RM Ch/x1839 8th Jan 1923 Unknown
  Mitchell, Ray RM Ch/x100977 3rd Nov 1920 30th Aug 2001
  Mitchie, Alex RM Ch/x109038 31st Jan 1909 19th July 1998
  Mundy, Jack RM Po/x106175 26th July 1921 15th June 2014
  Murray, Aug RM Ch/x3320 28th Aug 1922 Unknown
  Naylor, Eddie RMLI 5386 4th Nov 1865 26th May 1956
  Newman, Peter RM Ply/x106458 4th Jan 1924 Sept 2003
  Newman, Ted RM Unknown 6th Mar 1905 10th Jan 1994
  Norcott, Jim RM Po/x103171 4th Sept 1922 Unknown
  Osment, Roy RM Po/x2453 28th Mar 1920 Unknown
  Perrett, Les RM Ch/x101205 4th Feb 1920 8th July 1981
  Powell, Doug REME 7619775 Unknown 13th Jan 2009
  Purkiss, Jack RM Po/x5605 9th Sept 1927 8th Feb 2010
  Randall, Gordon RN D/JX136900 4th May 1916 17th Jan 1987
  Richardson, Dick RN P/J930683 21st July 1938 Unknown
  Roast, Reg RN C/SX453985 5th mar 1925 23rd May 1980
  Robb, Jim RN X201214 9th July 1917 Unknown
  Robertson, Bill RM Ply/x112283 Unknown 2nd June 2002
  Rogers, Fred RM RM10547 15th Mar 1933 Unknown
Link Russell, Roy RM Po/x120785 2nd July 1925 18th June 2014
  Ryman, Vic Capt 197480 12th July 1914 Unknown
  Shacklady, Tom RM RMB/x907 15th Nov 1917 22nd Jan 2006
  Sharpe, Alan RM Unknown 13th May 1922 5th Oct 1988
  Shaw, Bill RM Ch/x112495 Unknown 8th June 1989
  Shettler, Jon RM RM7545 6th April 1922 Unknown
  Slater, Harry RM Po/x772 10th Dec 1907 11th Nov 1976
  Smith, Bert RM Po/x103648 6th Nov 1911 22nd Jan 2011
  Smith, Fred RM Po/x3890 Unknown 13th July 2010
  Smith, John RM Po/x101389 7th April 1917 Jan 2009
  Smith, Ron RM Po/x101701 31st Oct 1922 12th May 2011
  Smith, Tom RM Po/x3606 10th Dec 1918 Unknown
  Steel, George J. RM Ch/x102927 18th July 1910 10th Sept 1992
  Stevens, Len RM Ch/x1935 18th July 1919 11th Sept 1994
  Stevenson, Fred RM Ch/x109519 27th Dec 1924 Unknown
  Strong, Ray RM Ch/x1991 14th Jan 1920 Unknown
  Sullivan, Bob USMC Unknown 6th April 1928 Unknown
  Tant, Frank RN C/JX151517 22nd Nov 1921 1st April 1987
Link Tebble, Ray RM Unknown 12th Aug 1922 12th July 2015
  Thorn, Jim RM Ply/x2100 10th Sept 1919 Unknown
  Tilyard, jim RM Po/x107662 4th Jan1921 Unknown
  Vaughan, Glyn RM Ch/x4312 12th April 1928 13th July 2014
  Walker, Gerry RM Ply/x4198 1927 17th April 1993
  Ward, Ron RAR QX4191 28th April 1916 14th Sept 2009
  Webb, Bill RAF 1456203 19th Dec 1912 6th Jan 2006
  White, Ralph RM Ch/x105446 15th Mar 1921 27th Jan 2000
  Whitworth, Arthur RM Ply/x 1982 6th Nov 1919 7th Aug 1992
  Wicks, Johnrm RM Ch/x1652 7th June 1919 15th June 2006
  Wilkinson, Dennis RN CK/X903076 Unknown 21st Aug 2014
  Williams, John RM Ply/x2803 4th Dec 1920 Unknown
  Wilson, Laurie RN PSR59086 25th Feb 1920 Unknown
  Wood, Tom RM Ch/x1660 30th Aug 1919 30th July 2006
  Wilson, Norm RM Po/x114351 Unknown 15th Nov 2009
  Wilson, Vic RM RMB/x3034 3rd Oct 1910 7th Oct 1999
  Witcherley, Henry SAS 1874661 26th May 1920 28th Nov 2011
  Worsley, Cliff RN C.JH150774 22nd Feb 1921 Unknown