Over The Bar

Roy Russell

2nd July 1925 - 20th June 2014


Roy joined the Corps as HO and on completion of training became a Landing Craft rating.  Later and during the war Roy was to do his commando training and was awarded the Green Beret.  However such were the times that before he could be presented with his beret he was drafted.  At the end of hostilities Roy returned to Hong Kong where he had grown up as a child.  He joined the Hong Kong police force and rose to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.  On retiring from the police he, with his family, moved to Brisbane Australia.  In 1995 Roy returned on holiday to the UK with his eldest daughter, Mildred.  Unbeknownst to Roy Mildred had contacted the Corps to see if it was possible for him to be presented with his Green Beret.  After the appropriate checks had been carried out Mildred was told to have Roy at the gates of ITCRM at a given date and time.  Much to Roys surprise the guard was turned out and he received a very snappy salute.  He was escorted to the parade ground still unaware as to what was happening.  A company parade was being held where in front of the parade Roy was finally presented with his Green Beret by the Commanding Officer.
Roy was a long time member of the RMAQ where he served as Treasurer for eight years.  Roy was one of the old school gentlemen, quiet and private.  He will be missed by all those who knew him.

R.I.P. Roy