Over The Bar

Arthur Norman 'Tony' Cude

3rd January 1930 ~ 11th July 2014

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The Service taken by Father 'Bill' Pearson


Colour Sergeant A.N. 'Tony' CUDE

Tony Cude Ch/x5002 was born in London 3rd January 1930.  He enlisted on 18th March 1947 and joined Squad 476.  On completion of training he was sent to Chatham to complete a Butchers/Cooks course.  Later in his Corps career he changed over to the MT section where he rose to the rank of Col Sgt.  His first draft was to HMS Superb.  Other ships he served on were HMS’s Ocean, Jamaica and HMS Swiftsure.  He was onboard Swiftsure the day she was rammed by HMS Diamond whilst on exercise in the Arctic.  Both ships managed to limp to Iceland for emergency repairs.  Apart from ships Tony was to serve time at the Amphibious Training School when it was at Eastney and later when it was moved to Poole.  He was also to serve at ITCRM.  Tony did his commando training at Bickleigh in 1950.  He was later to serve in 40, 42, 43 and 45 Commandos.  During his time Tony saw action in Palestine, Korea, Malaya, Cyprus and Aden.  He was also to visit Japan, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Iceland, Malta, North Africa, Sicily, Singapore and New Zealand.
Tony married his wife Cynthia whilst in the Corps and had three children Lee, Tracey and Karen.  They all emigrated to Brisbane, Australia when Tony went to pension after serving 22 years and 291 days in the Corps.  Tony joined the Royal Marine Association Queensland on 3rd June 1981.  During his time in the Branch he served as President for 14 years and was publisher of our monthly newsletter the Sea and Land for more than a decade.  He left a lasting legacy in Australia in that he created and orchestrated the ‘Memorial to the First Fleet Marines’.  This now resides at the garrison Church at Millers Point in Sydney as a permanent reminder to all those that follow that the Royal Marines were the first to land in Australia.
Tony has served our Association well and did much for us in his time.  He will be missed and long remembered.  Rest in Peace Tony